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Wolf's Kitchen
Cooking up Localization Success
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Jacob Wheeler guest hosts, chefs from all over the world compete for the best localization recipe.

About the Show

Welcome to Wolf's Kitchen, where we're bringing together the sizzle of a cooking show with the expertise of localization pros! Our Recipes for Localization series is about to get an exciting twist, inspired by your favorite cooking shows.

In this special webinar, our seasoned experts bring their winning localization recipes to the table, tried and tested processes that lead to international success. But here's the twist: they'll be incorporating 5 mystery "ingredients"—into their strategies. It's a battle of wits, creativity, and culinary flair, all centered around the art of localization.

As our experts whip up their localization masterpieces, we'll also have a live cooking demonstration happening in the background, with our charismatic host, Jacob Wheeler cooking up a traditional momo recipe from his birthplace of Tibet. It's a delicious blend of knowledge and entertainment that you won't want to miss!

Joaquin Munoz
Localization Manager @ Life360
Joaquín Muñoz is an active polyglot with an educational background in linguistics, having worked in the localization industry for 25 years. Presently, he serves as Localization Manager at Life360, responsible for localization of all products and services, including Tile and Jiobit.

Ilona Pederson
Sr. Localization Manager @ Monta
Ilona is passionate about global UX and the infrastructure enabling scalable localization. She thrives at the intersection of technology and culture, and is fascinated by global design that resonates with local users.
Guthrie Watson
Head of Design @ Kinto Design
Guthrie is a multidisciplinary product design leader, digital art director, and experience designer. He is passionate about the creative possibilities of new technologies and how these inform the strategic transformation of business and the ways organizations and customers engage with products and brands.
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