Building your localization tech stack: The 5+ tools you need and how to choose them

This guide unpacks why a localization tech stack is important, how it can fit into your development process and recommends the tools that you’ll need.

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What’s inside this guide?

What is a localization tech stack? 

Localizing a software or mobile application product from scratch is a complex task that involves a variety of technologies, tools and team members from different departments. It’s enough to overwhelm many organisations. We’ll start this guide by explaining why a localization tech stack is important.

Building your localization tech stack

Before we dive into the recommended tools that will make up your localization tech stack it’s important that we share some ideas around how to introduce this stack to your current localization workflow. Hopefully the advice given here will make it easier for you to apply new languages and cultures further down the line.

5+ localization tools you need

The section that many of you came for - we’ve compiled a list of the 5+ localization tools that you simply can’t do your job without along with reasons why and some simple implementation suggestions. These are broken down by category covering Translation Management Systems, Computer-Assisted Translation Tools, Machine Translation, Integrations and  Internationalization.

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