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40 minutes

Why translation and localization software still sucks in 2020

Localization maturity model: Where does your company fit?

In this webinar, we’ll cover: 

  • The Localization Maturity Model

Localization workflow for your web and
mobile apps, games and digital content.

Localization workflow for your web and
mobile apps, games and digital content.

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Alex Terehov

Tomas Franc

Senior Product Owner at Lokalise

Localization Solutions Architect at Lokalise

  • Why it matters for companies just starting to localize, as well as for global companies with mature localization processes 
  • Steps to gradually evolve through the different levels of localization maturity  
  • Product managers tasked with coordinating product localization and who are unsure of the efforts needed to reliably achieve growth goals

Who should attend? 

  • Localization managers looking to take their organization to the next level
  • Engineers and tech leads who want to better understand the localization process and automate unnecessarily manual tasks
  • Founders and business leaders who want to know if their companies are ready for localization

Fast-growing companies eager to add multiple languages and move into new markets often do so without a clear vision for localization. 
They end up misbudgeting and wasting resources on activities they aren’t ready for. This results in costly, time-consuming mistakes, subpar results, and a loss of trust from key stakeholders.

Join Tomas Franc (Localization Solutions Architect, with 20 years at RWS Moravia) and Alex Terehov (Senior Product Owner,, to learn what localization practices are safe to skip in the early stages, how to manage stakeholder expectations, and achieve your growth goals with fewer resources.