How to Work with Lokalise AI: Best Practices

April 02, 2024
9:00 AM EDT |1:00 PM GMT
Watch ‘How to Work with Lokalise AI: Best Practices’ to learn how AI can be leveraged to improve your existing translation process by leveraging your TM and additional context to improve quality and reduce costs.

Who: Anyone who has an experience or wants to gain experience in setting up AI-powered translation workflows.

What you will learn:
  • How to utilize Lokalise AI updates since our October 2023 AI webinar
  • How to set up context for AI and improve translation quality
  • The next phase of Lokalise AI from our very own AI/ML Product Manager, Adam Soltys

Jacob Wheeler
Lead Customer Success Manager, Lokalise
Jacob’s background includes working with early-stage startups around the globe and implementing automation-focused projects. These skill sets, along with localization knowledge, have allowed him to help many customers achieve and work toward their localization goals. Outside of Lokalise, Jacob is a fan of outdoor adventures, fantasy novels, and spending time with his amazing wife.
Adam Soltys
Senior Lead Product Manager, Lokalise
Adam is a Senior Product Lead at Lokalise’s AI and Machine Learning team. He has a strong background in launching new disruptive products in startups and scale-ups with global reach. He joined Lokalise to help build up innovative AI-based solutions that are aiming to radically transform the localization industry and enable customers to expand their business to new markets with minimal total costs while keeping the quality high.