LSPs, are they for me?
Part two of our localization strategy series is all about working with an LSP.
August 29, 2023
12 PM ET | 6 PM CEST
This webinar is the second part in Lokalise's comprehensive 3-part webinar series focusing on teaching companies how to create an effective localization strategy.

In this session we will help you navigate how to effectively choose and work with a Language Service Provider.

Our guest speaker for this episode is the Program Director of Argos Multilingual, she has over 20+ years of experience in the localization industry and will walk us through topics such as:
  • Review and feedback cycles
  • How to set up SLAs
  • Creating timelines and estimating volumes
  • The different services an LSP can provide
  • Much more!

Stéphanie van Beers-Vermeer

Program Director
Argos Multilingual
Stéphanie has 20+ years of experience in the localization industry. Together with her team of Program and Project Managers, she has successfully onboarded multiple Lokalise clients by reviewing their requirements and customizing workflows to fit their needs.
Tom Roland
Proposal Content Manager
Argos Multilingual
Tom Roland has worked in a broad range of localization roles for more than 25 years and has participated in dozens of RFPs from both the “vendor” and “client” sides of the partnership.