Elevate Your Business with Lokalise's Localization Webinar Series
Step up your business game with Lokalise's comprehensive 3-part webinar series. We're focused on teaching companies how to create an effective localization strategy, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your overall strategy, not just an afterthought.
September 7, 2023
12 pm ET | 6 pm CEST

Expert Insights from Industry Leaders

Our series features a diverse line-up of speakers, from localization advisors and partners to analysts. Each brings a unique piece of the puzzle, helping you form a complete and robust localization strategy.

Designed for Leaders

This webinar series is crafted specifically for leaders of localization teams and those interested in introducing localization in their companies. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively implement localization, becoming a trusted advisor in your organization.

Leverage Localization to its Full Potential

Unlock the true benefits of localization with our series. Through comprehensive consultation and advisory services, we'll help you see the significant value that localization can bring to your company.

Join us in our journey to mastering localization. Sign up for our webinar series today!

Tim Cannon
Head of Growth
AE Studio
Tim is a Business Development professional at AE with a track record of helping companies scale. Prior to AE, he founded Brighten, a social media network that reached over 3 million users, and worked at ServiceTitan on launching their first non-core products.Away from work, Tim enjoys road biking and and is self-admittedly 'too addicted to tennis'.Tim holds a BSBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Richmond.
Tom Roland
Francisco Carrillo
AE Studio
Francisco is an accomplished engineer with specializations in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Physics. His talent lies in interpreting complex problems and datasets, employing both traditional "pen-and-paper" analytic solutions and intricate computational algorithms. Above all, Francisco cherishes the opportunities these challenges provide in facilitating the creation of lasting, genuine relationships.Francisco holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin, and a PHD in Computational Fluid Mechanics and Machine Learning from Princeton University.