Define or Refine Your Localization Strategy
Unlock the Secrets to Global Success: Join our exclusive webinar to craft and refine a winning localization strategy, empowering global companies to conquer new markets with precision and finesse.
August 15, 2023
12 PM ET | 6 PM CEST
This webinar is the first part in Lokalise's comprehensive 3-part webinar series focusing on teaching companies how to create an effective localization strategy.

In this session, Tatiana covers topics such as:
  • Creating market-specific guidelines and style guides
  • Understanding what should (and should not) be in scope for your localization efforts
  • Developing a foolproof approach to localization

Tatiana Ryabinina

Managing Director
Tatiana is a localisation management consultant with a decade-long career at the intersection of strategy, finance, marketing, culture, and more. Tatiana uses her expansive knowledge and experience to guide businesses venturing into new markets. Having formed her skills on the frontlines of global expansion and with established international brands, she offers invaluable insights to businesses taking their first steps onto the global stage. With Tatiana, navigate international markets with confidence.